By the time you’ve been in a business for a month or two, it’s very easy to forget what it felt like to be the ‘new person’. The new person that is walking into an environment of fully established relationships.

Let’s rewind the clock to your first day. Yes, you’re starting a new job and it’s so exciting! You tick all the boxes for your new role, you’ve got the experience, you’ve got the skills, but what about all the ‘other STUFF’?! You start to think of all these things you had never thought of before. I wonder who I’ll be sitting with, I wonder where the toilets are, should I have brought my lunch with me, am I going to get any training, I wonder what my boss is going to be like, or their boss or their boss’s boss, am I going to get asked any questions?! Eeeeeekk!

Scary right?!

First impressions count. We speak a lot about first impressions from a customer service perspective here at BOLD Training but what about the first impression that new team are receiving when they start in a new business, your business. What clear processes are in place to welcome a new starter into your business, make them feel welcome and most importantly, ensure they’re being set up for success?

Recruitment is a costly task in any business so in an ideal situation when recruitment is necessary (and yes, there is such a thing as good team turn over where recruitment is necessary), you want to make sure it is being conducted as seamlessly as possible.

What if there were some tips that you could put into practice to ensure your new team members are being welcomed with open arms, feeling like they’re a part of the family and better yet, again… Being setup for success.

Here you go, our BOLD tips for a strong and effective onboarding process:

  1. Keep in constant contact with your new team member (approx. 1 phone call a week). The minute they have sent back that signed contract, they are a part of your team.
    • Long before they walk in the door, the relationship building should begin.
  2. Prepare your existing team members for the new arrival.
    • Think of when you invite guests to your home. You clean up, you let everyone know who is coming over, what time they’re coming. It is the same when you’re welcoming a new team member into your workplace.
  3. Plan who is going to meet your new team member at the door.
    • Do they need an access card? Do they know where to park? Is their desk all setup with necessary tools of trade?
  4. Think about what you want their first impression to be.
    • We touched on this earlier, first impressions count! Think BIG here. You could setup balloons, have all the team gathered for a welcome, have their induction / training plan all laid out (which leads us to our next point) …
  5. What does their first week / month look like?
    • Your new staff member is going to want peace of mind that they’re going to be taken care of. They want assurances that they’re not going to be thrown in the deep end and there is in fact a clear, thought out and strategic plan in place to assist them in this transition process.
  6. Lastly – Onboarding / Induction processes don’t stop on the first day, or week or even MONTH.
    • You never want to assume how your new team member is feeling or transitioning into your business. Continue to plan out assessments / performance reviews with them that promote open and honest, two-way discussions.

Putting these action points into place, will show your team members that you care.

Keep this in mind, what do you want people to say about working in your business? When someone comes home to their family after their first day in your workplace, what do you want them to remember? When they’re sitting down to dinner with their friends and they all ask how their new job is going, what are they going to say?

We wish you all the best of luck, changing some of your processes moving forward and should you need any more tips, don’t hesitate to reach out. We would love to hear from you!