Yes, they’re important and yes, they can make or break a business and its culture. But who wants to sit down and read through 4, 087 pages of ‘policies and procedures’?!

We sure don’t!

So, we are going to share with you some of our top tips on how to make a necessity of your business, engaging, relevant and FUN for your team. They will WANT to sit down and read through all 4,087 pages.

Tip #1 – In what format are your policies and procedures currently stored?

We are in 2019, the days of having these policies printed and sitting in a binder are now behind us, collecting dust with the fax machine. For your team to feel aligned with these policies, they need to be shared in a format that your team can relate to. If they are stored and shared in a way that is not only easily accessible, but also in a format that is integrated into their daily lives, you are halfway there!

*Hint hint – Store them digitally in a place that your team frequent on a daily basis.

Tip #2 – No one wants to watch an educational video from 1967

Remember the rainy days at school when your teacher called in sick, the relief teacher pulled in the T.V. trolley and threw on a VHS? The video was usually out of date, not relevant and as cool as it was to watch a video for the lesson… What were we supposed to learn from it? (Who knows!! Is the answer).

Part of ensuring your policies and procedures are being read and used is to ensure they’re 100% relevant for the team reading them. If these documents are referencing tools that are no longer in use, departments that have been re-named or even worse… team and people in the business that are no longer there. You will not only lose the interest of your team, but you will loose credibility in what you’re saying.

The more that you update your policies and procedures, the smaller the job it will become. Not to mention (and this relates to our first point), if you’re storing them digitally, they are now ten times easier to update. Once you’ve updated, be sure to SHARE these relevant updates with your team. This then leads us to our last point…

Tip #3 – Make your P&P part of your day to day language

So, we’ve taken them off the dusty shelf and made sure they’re in a digital format. We’ve updated them and made sure they’re relevant to your business TODAY. Now, it’s time to bring your policies and procedures to LIFE.

The goal is to have your team read them, relate to them and better yet, find them useful. What better way to do that than to:

  • Have a launch party
  • Run an incentive to re-name them
  • Randomly select team and pop quiz them on parts of the P&P to recite
  • Reward the team that you hear referencing them in their day to day language

It must start with the leaders of the business though. USE your P&P as a way to communicate with your team. What better way to ensure consistent messages are being relayed to your team than a universal document that is easily accessible by all members of the business.

We trust you’ve found this useful and we look forward to seeing all of those dusty folders being put to better use!