Slowly we start to count down the sleeps, slowly we start to see the decorations pop up in the shopping centres (earlier and earlier each year, mind you!) and slowly we get ready for the party season where we get to celebrate the holiday season with our family and friends.

Whether you’re a business that is counting down these sleeps to setup your emails ‘out of office’ and wind down for December and January. Or, whether you’re a business that really amps up towards, what is to be your busiest two months of the whole year, there is something to be said for establishing a team and a business with an incredible amount of resilience.

We are going to share with you some easy to follow and insightful tips for you to do just that.


    • Create a worst-case scenario
    • Ensure strategies are put in place
    • Who is best to contact for different scenarios
    • Share contact numbers throughout the business
  • Self Awareness
    • Create a list of triggers
    • Document your own signs that you’re stressed
  • Mindset Practice – What’s in your treasure chest?
    • Practice gratitude
    • Positivity is key
  • Have FUN

First things first, the five P’s! These are used for many different scenario’s but they are especially critical for this time of year.

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

If there are clear strategies planned out in advance and put in place for if and when you hit a roadblock, this will have a profound impact on how relaxed you feel. Try to think of the ultimate ‘worst case scenario’ and plan accordingly. Now, for a business where Nov / Dec are your busiest months, you may want to think about if your BEST team member falls ill, who is your back up? Do they have all appropriate keys, alarm codes and the skillset to perform in their place?

For a business that is winding down for Christmas, who is your main point of contact? What if they fall ill and they’re not able to perform their allocated tasks?

While we’re still on the topic of ‘Proper Planning’ – Do all appropriate team members throughout your business have all necessary contact details for your worst-case scenario? There are great benefits in creating a list of who to contact for what scenario or roadblock that may arise. If a lock stops working or the air con breaks down, having a list of people and their contact details ready for the appropriate people to utilise, all plays a part in planning.

By having all of this planning done, it flows on to create a sense of calm and control throughout the business and with this, comes a greater ability to be resilient as half of the roadblocks and challenges that cause stress are now removed and already resolved.

Now it’s time to check our self-awareness and practice how to recognise what your ‘triggers’ are that make you stressed but also, what are the signs that you are feeling stressed?

For some it’s the feeling of the unknown that make you feel stressed or uneasy. A way that this stress then physically presents itself may be an inability to focus or increased hear rate or even feeling short tempered and frustrated. The feeling of the unknown is such a big trigger for so many of us, it’s human nature. It’s why we also show some resistance to trying new things, we just don’t know what’s waiting for us on the other side.

It takes great practice to feel comfortable in an uncomfortable space and there is great growth on the other side of that constant practice but in order to identify your own triggers of stress, cast your mind back to when you’ve felt uncomfortable or even frustrated. Write them down, make a list, can you see any common denominators in those scenario’s? Is there anything you can do to ensure you’re not exposing yourself to those situations in the future?

By practising your ability to remain self-aware, you’re shifting the power back to yourself and by shifting that power it brings greater resilience.


Mindset practice – Go to your happy place and have moments to reflect on in the times of challenges, when you’re feeling stressed and a big roadblock has just presented itself smack bang in your path!

Think of it as a treasure chest of happiness, gratitude and joy. It’s a collection of memories, people or even places that bring you nothing but pure happiness. You may even draw of different compartments inside of your treasure chest depending on what kind of roadblock has just presented itself.

For example, if there was a breakdown in communication and a task has not been completed because you’ve only just found out about it. Now, your first reaction may be to get frustrated and annoyed at that person and that situation. But, you now know the signs that you’re getting stressed and frustrated so you are self-aware and you walk over to your treasure chest, open a draw and see your weekend with your friends and family fast approaching in a few days. This makes you feel calm and your resilience muscle is getting stronger and stronger. At least you’re finding out about it now and not at 5pm on Friday, right?!


HAVE FUN! It’s the end of the year, bring the festive season with you to work. Don’t save it just for your friends and family. Your colleagues, your staff and your customers deserve to see that fun side of you too.

You could decorate your workstation or write hand written cards for everyone that you have worked with throughout the year. Maybe you could have a list of cringy, terrible (but also hilarious) Christmas jokes to share with everyone for each day of December!

Think outside of the box and have fun throughout the next couple of months.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and from us here at BOLD…. Here’s to a successful and resilient end of year period!