Do you think that everyone in a customer service role knows there is a difference between delivering good customer service and truly exceptional customer service? Delivering exceptional customer service to someone doesn’t always come naturally. At BOLD Training we are passionate about all aspects of the customer service landscape. So, what does it take to train your team to understand and deliver exceptional customer service to your clients?

First things first, mindset. Team that are ‘client facing’ are going to be most successful when in a positive state of mind. Now, that is in reference to all aspects of life, but lets just focus on the business for now. Business culture is going to have to be engaging with a clear focus on goals and aspirations to deliver exceptional customer service. Communication is best when it is clear and open. Training throughout the business that is not only informative but also engaging and inspiring will go a long way.  All these components combined will pivot a business to ensuring their team are in a positive state of mind.

We’ve all been served by someone that is clearly having a bad day, right? They’re not smiling, they barely make conversation with you, they’re even visibly disinterested.

Customer service team need to understand that they are the face of a business. Customers interacting with these team members are perceiving them to BE THE BUSINESS. The customer may not always see the inner workings of a business so they’re relying on the customer service team to inform them and be the face of the brand for them to interact with.

While we’re on the topic of mindset, it would be important to reference the difference in having a ‘servers’ mindset. If a team member is not willing to ‘serve’ because they may see it beneath them or even not part of their role, we would strongly suggest addressing this behaviour as soon as possible. One of the key components of a customer service team member, no matter what industry they’re in, is to serve, assist and guide the customer. That could be in a fashion retail environment, a hospitality environment, or it could be in a construction environment when someone is building a new home. No matter the industry, the second that the customer is put at the top of the priority list and the team have the mentality that they will do anything they possibly can to serve, assist and guide them, is the second that the customer experience will change to exceptional and what’s better yet? The customers will be able to tell!

They will go on to tell ten of their friends and family and they’ll use phrases such as, “Nothing was too hard”, “They made the process so easy and simple”, “They were so friendly”, “They bent over backwards for us, it was incredible”.

Now, don’t be mistaken, we’re not encouraging businesses to take a ‘yes sir, no sir’ approach. It is about adapting your approach to suit the customer standing in front of you to ensure you’re doing all that you can for them. It’s about understanding everything you can about your customer so you can deliver something exceptional. It’s about training your team to use their initiative to make the right decisions for the client standing in front of them. It’s also about making the ‘business process’ natural and personal to each client facing team member. You don’t want a team full of robots and have them all deliver a ‘cookie cutter’ approach. Customer service should feel natural and seamless for all involved in the interaction and transaction.

Then, there are the expectations of the role. For a client facing team member (or ANY team member, for that matter) to be truly successful, they need to understand what goal posts they’re aiming for. So, a clear position description with clear measurables will assist with any customer service team member knowing where they stand within the business and what is expected of them.

Let’s talk resilience for a moment. Customer Service team in the year 2020 are being faced with challenges that were never planned for back in 1990, or even 2018. With challenges, comes a natural demand for resilience. Businesses and the team that make up businesses are going to have to do whatever they can to ensure they’re becoming more and more resilient to both challenges and change. This can be done through training, or it can be done through open and honest communication. There are also some great tactics that can be adopted in relation to having a positive mindset that will go on to assist team to become more resilient.

Ok, our last point, it’s OK to make mistakes, we’re only human. Tying back in with our point earlier, customer service team need to feel empowered enough to use their initiative to do all that they can for the customer standing in front of them. When a mistake does occur, take a minute to reflect now, do you automatically train them through that mistake and discuss how it could be done differently next time? Or, do you make the call to take all of their decision making responsibilities away? It can be an impulsive reaction at times. If someone has not been capable to make the right decision, we remove the risk of that happening again but that is not how someone is going to be able to learn. Sometimes we must fall to learn how to walk.

To summarise, below is a quick snapshot into the BOLD Training tips to train your customer service team:

  1. Positive Mindset
  2. Adopt an engaged and empowered business culture
  3. Adapt your approach to each individual customer standing in front of you
  4. Have clear and concise expectations of the role
  5. Develop resilience
  6. Have the mentality that it’s ok to make mistakes and coach team to work through those

As mentioned earlier, BOLD Training are both passionate about all aspects of the customer service landscape and we are specialists in engaging business leaders and  their team  to ensure businesses not only fully understands what is required but also know how to practically implement the skills that are required for exceptional Customer Service.

We wish you all the best of luck, changing some of your processes moving forward and should you need any more tips, don’t hesitate to reach out. We would love to hear from you!