BOLD Training

How would you feel to have a business that converts potential leads into long term, loyal clients based on their experiences with your team?

For a business that is looking to empower, motivate and develop the skills of their team for operational excellence and outstanding client experience… Look no further. Throughout the course topics listed on the ‘courses‘ page, BOLD Training can facilitate interactive and insightful training sessions to team and, or leaders of your business.

All courses are personalised to every businesses needs and requirements, BOLD are flexible and happy to meet with you to develop a course which can cover anywhere from one, to all topics. This can be both face to face or online with varied options available.

By utilising all five senses, BOLD’s training sessions will ensure participants understand what it truly means to work as a team and deliver outstanding operational excellence.

How their training is delivered:

There is more than one option when it comes to training delivery. You have the choice of full day, half day, Bite Sized Learning (90mins) or weekend training sessions. There are also video learning options available that include custom pre-recorded and live Zoom training.

All sessions are fun, fully interactive, with a real focus on learning through ‘doing’.

BOLD Culture Promises


Be prepared to learn in ways you had never expected


Our transformational training will turn the lights on for all involved


BOLD Training will always be nothing but 100% genuine in everything we do


We are committed to constantly evolve and stay relevant with any and all new training methods


BOLD Training will always go above and beyond to satisfy the customer


How BOLD was born?

Over breakfast together one morning, a conversation evolved where we had our very own light bulb moment and realised that our passions aligned with training, development and customer service. Many conversations and meetings later, BOLD Training was born!
Our combined passions and skills mean that we are dedicated to delivering training and development in the areas of customer service, soft skills and performance management to individuals and businesses.

Our mission statement is:

“To develop the mindset and behaviours of people to assist with growing their businesses.”

Learn about how our training, can enhance your business!

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