Today we’re posing the question as to where you place the most value… Is it with your processes? Or is it with your People?

Can you place all of your value on one and not the other?

Let’s think of it like the chicken and the egg, which should come first? Processes are going to sit on your shelf and collect dust, unless you have an engaged team that are living and breathing those processes day in / day out. Whichever came first for you and your business, there are some things to take into consideration.

Processes, as well as policies, are a critical tool to have throughout any successful business. They allow your team to have the autonomy and confidence to execute tasks throughout their roles and to deliver a client experience that both you and they are proud of. It’s for all of these reasons that we want to share with you some of our top tips to ensure that processes and people are equally important and are not mutually exclusive for the success of your business.


#1 – You can’t assume your team are living and breathing your processes if they’re not kept alive​.

Pull out your big three ring binder, dust it off and have your team read through and review your policies and procedures..

ACTION – Think of some fun and engaging ways that you can all update your processes, keep them alive, relevant and above all, USEFUL.


#2 – Fill in the gaps.

From reviewing your processes and policies, you might find some need updating. Or, you might find some do not exist at all.

ACTION – Start with making a list of what you have that is current, what you have but needs updating and what you don’t have, that needs to be written and implemented.


#3 – Ensure your policies are aligned with your business mission.

There are times that we do things because ‘that’s just how it’s always been done’. It’s time to take a deep dive and real look at whether all of your processes are in place to benefit your team and more importantly, do they benefit your customer’s experience.

For example – you might have an automated booking service available. Is that a process that is delivering the very best customer service possible? Does your business have a refunds or exchange policy? Is that adding value to your clients experience or is it hindering their shopping experience?

ACTION – Once you have identified a policy or a process that is getting in the way of you growing your business or delivering exceptional customer service, set time aside as a priority to rework these.


Thank you so much for reading and enjoy bridging the gap and aligning your people with your processes.

Have a great day,

Team BOLD.​