Whether you’re a leader of a sporting team, inside a corporate environment, or on a construction site, leading a team comes with both a set of challenges and some phenomenal rewards. BOLD Training have a collective 30 years+ experience in leading and managing teams. Throughout those 30 years, not one day has been the same when leading a team… That’s why we love it!

We’re going to share with you some characteristics, skills and techniques in how to be the very best leader that you can be. There are also some questions that we’re going to ask you, as the reader, to reflect on. Take this opportunity to not just learn but reflect on your own leadership.

We believe that truly successful leaders are “people people”, they’re open to adapting their approach to suit the team member that they’re leading or managing. No two people are the same so why should they be expected to be led the same way? Adapting your approach when leading a team is one of the fundamental skills to learn when stepping into a leadership role and quite often it is a skill that is not addressed. Ask yourself this question, how do you ensure you’re adapting your approach to suit the team that you’re leading? Further to that, how are you effectively leading your team throughout these times that we find ourselves in, currently battling a pandemic, Covid-19?

Having empathy to lead a team is not a weakness, similar to adapting your approach, it is a skillset that is required in order to fully understand your team. People all deal with stress in different ways so when faced with a world of challenges, that we do right now, people are going to deal with those situations in different ways. A strong and impactful leader is going to have high Emotional Intelligence, they’re going to take the time to check in with their team, physically ask them how they’re feeling and how they’re dealing with the challenges we’re all being faced with. It’s then about holding the space for them to express how they’re feeling without judgement and often, without even offering solutions.

BOLD Training believe that being a leader is not about giving the answers to your team, it is about navigating that journey alongside them so they’re able to find the answers themselves. If we’re constantly fixing problems and dishing out ‘the answers’ how are our team supposed to flourish? Another belief system we have here at BOLD Training is that the true success of a leader is not measured while they’re in the environment. It’s what happens when they leave. Now, that could be on a week’s holiday, or it could be when they leave a business or organisation. If a leader has set their team up for success, any business or organisation can and should flourish without them.

Positivity and workplace culture are more important now than ever, it can mean the difference between unhappy team and happy team. Which as we know, when we have happy team, that results in happy customers, which you guessed it… results in more profit! Are there new or different ways, as a leader, that you can truly engage your team to do their best?

One of our favourite authors, Brian Tracy once said “Success can lead to complacency, and complacency is the greatest enemy of success.”. The minute we become complacent with how we engage and motivate our team, is the very minute they start to become less and less motivated to perform at their best. Always evolve and never become complacent… In all that you do!

Now, in the climate that we’re in, for some, there may be a sense of guilt associated to success. There are businesses and individuals that continue to be challenged every single day by Covid-19, but every person has been impacted some way or another. So, a question for you, is it still OK to want to win and drive results?

We believe that ‘profit’, ‘sales’, and even ‘budgets’ are not dirty words. They’re how we measure our success and essentially, the longevity of your business. Leaders need to be clear on what success looks like in order to pave the way for their team to get there. Without a clear idea or image of what profit they’re aiming for, or how many sales they’re aiming for, team will inherently end up aiming for different goals or, missing them all together with no clear direction.

This next point is especially relevant while we’re in a pandemic but not exclusive to this situation… Stay open to new opportunities that present themselves. Similar to becoming complacent, the second that a leader feels as though new opportunities are not relevant or required, is the second they start to fall behind. Businesses that did not evolve and stay open to opportunities are the businesses that unfortunately, do not survive.

Being a considered, empowering and engaging leader is more important now than ever and we truly hope you’ve taken away some food for thought from reading this article.

If you would like to learn more about any of the topics we touched on here, or if you have some questions in regards to how we can assist you with your leadership and/or team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at ‘contact@boldtraining.com.au’ or give us a call on ‘0418822390’ or ‘0402422663’.