When you’re evaluating your client experience and wanting to elevate it to the next level, are you focusing on the client standing in front you? Or, are you also taking into consideration, who is in their network and who they may share stories with, about your business.

72% of customers will share a positive experience with 6 or more people. On the other hand, if a customer is not happy, 13% of them will share their experience with 15 or even more. Source –  ‘Super Office’, Esteban Kolsky.


#1 – If you truly want to elevate your client experience, Communicate with clarity.

Keep it simple, specific and give a consistent message. Never assume that your message is being received with the same intent that you’re delivering the message. This applies to all forms of your business communication, from social media, website, phone conversations and face to face. Another form of communication to take into consideration when elevating your clients experience is keeping in contact and touching base. You want to build a relationship that has trust and rapport engrained from your very first interaction to the last.

ACTION – Encourage a two-way conversation that has you confirming your message and has the recipient summarising what you just communicated.

#2 – It’s the little things

Consistency of service, going above and beyond, does every client receive the same experience with your business? Elevation is doing the unexpected – Show you’re listening to your client and provide insights that are going to be of value to them! Target your approach to what they need. It may be free content, or it could be a contact, but make it specific to your client and what they need / want.

ACTION – When did you last do a little thing for one of your regular clients? Do you know their coffee order? Their birthday? What about their pet’s name?

#3 – Let’s all sing the same tune!

For elevation to truly take place in your business, all team need to be singing the same tune, in their own way. All team need to not just know what is expected in their own individual roles, but they need to live and breathe the businesses client experience elevation goal.

ACTION – Sit down and take some time to review your teams onboarding process as well as your ongoing training plan and investments. Client Experience is not a ‘set and forget’, it is something to be constantly spoken about with team and kept alive throughout your business.


Thank you so much for reading, enjoy taking your clients experience to the next level! This is an exciting time and something that can really add impact to your business.

Have a great day,

Team BOLD.​