Customer complaints are increasing, productivity is dropping, sick calls are becoming a regular occurrence, have you stopped yourself to think…. Is something happening inside your business that is impacting your team for this to happen?

Today, we’re talking about being open to recognising the warning signs of disengaged team.

It could be something as small as a change in lunch break policy, to a change in leadership. Or, it could quite simply be external factors influencing team behaviours. Whatever the root cause may be, there are some simple warning signs that you can be conscious of to ensure these changes in behaviour don’t escalate and impact your whole business.

Warning Signs:

#1 – Increased Sick Leave​.

For a team member that has only had two days off sick in the last 12months and all of a sudden you realise they’ve actually had four days off in the past two weeks, this is a sign that something has changed that you may need to be aware of.

TOP TIP – Make some time to sit down with this person, one on one to check in. Have an open and honest conversation to see where you can support them through any potential troubling times.


#2 – Withdrawn Behaviour.

When you have a team member that actively contributes to group meetings, shares their ideas with you, asks questions to further understand the business and goes above and beyond for your business, all of a sudden is very quiet with not a lot to contribute to conversations, this is a subtle warning sign.

TOP TIP– Know and understand your team’s natural behaviours in different scenarios so you can be aware of any small changes if and when they do occur.


#3 – Standards Dropping.

A task that would have normally taken an hour to complete is now taking half a day. No mistakes made have increased to a mistake a day. Polished and professional work standards aren’t where they used to be. All of these small changes equate to a warning sign that standards are dropping and a team member is becoming disengaged.

TOP TIP– Check in with yourself and your business FIRST. Are team being asked to complete more tasks in a tighter time frame? Has something changed within your business that is making it more difficult for your team to deliver on past standards? If this isn’t the case, sit down with your team one on one and seek to understand where the challenge is coming from.


Thank you so much for reading and if you found this useful, please don’t hesitate to reach out and we would be happy to assist you further.

Have a great day,

Team BOLD.​