Let’s take a quick second together now, we want you to sit up/stand up tall and ask yourself this question, “What does it feel like to be one of your clients?”

Working in or for a business, it is not uncommon to become blind to the perception of your business from your client’s eyes. You walk through your doors each day, you see your team or peers, you speak to your clients and you start to form a routine.

Consistency of service is key to building a sustainable business that has your clients raving about you, so routine is fantastic and absolutely necessary to do just that.

What we want to challenge your mindset on now is taking those ‘routine blinkers’ off and looking at your business through your clients eyes…. That’s where the magic happens!


#1 – Is there a clear flow chart of touch points that your customer goes through?

From where your clients find you, to how they contact you, right through the purchase process and how you wrap up that interaction, do you have it all mapped out for all team throughout your business to see?

ACTION – Set aside one hour, grab a coffee, some butchers paper and textas, members of your team and map out your client’s journey. Who do they speak with? Are there gaps in the journey? Is it what you were expecting?

#2 – Gather feedback

A great way to do this is to enlist some support from family or friends to ‘Mystery Shop’ your business. You want outsiders to interact with your business as a client to report feedback. Another great way to do this, is to enlist the support of client experience specialists, click this link and get it done now!

ACTION – Click here to get started.


#3 – Analyse the feedback and identify trends.

Feedback is great to have but it’s what you do with it that matters. So now it’s time to analyse, roll up your sleeves and take action. What are the wins to celebrate? What are the reoccurring challenges or opportunities? What are the potential risks throughout your customers journey that your mystery shoppers could identify?

ACTION – Break up your feedback into a SWOT analysis. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. This is where you’ll be able to not only identify the gaps but get started on making adjustments to really take your clients experience to the next level.


Thank you so much for reading on and good luck mapping out your clients journey!

Have a great day,

Team BOLD.​